Saturday, March 1, 2008

Memphis Landing

In 1995, the City commissioned Garrow & Associates to develop a Cultural Resource Assessment and Preservation Plan for the Cobblestone area (referred to below as the Memphis Landing). The City was forced to do this study when artifacts were discovered at an excavation site[1]. The quotation that appears in the banner of this site is drawn from this paragraph of the Garrow Report:
The Memphis Landing is perhaps the one historic resource that best exemplifies the scope of the City's history. When constructed during the nineteenth century, the Memphis Landing was second only to the St. Louis city landing in its scale and level of commercial activity. Today, of all the great river landings on the Ohio, Missouri, and upper Mississippi rivers, the Memphis Landing is acknowledged to be the best preserved of these important commercial places.[2] [Emphasis added]

1. Commercial Appeal, "Lode of past beckons under cobblestones," November 21, 1994, p. A-1.
2. Garrow & Associates, Inc., Memphis Landing Cultural Resources Assessment and Preservation Plan, City of Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, Part 1: Cultural Resource Assessment (Draft), January 1996, p.80.

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