Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beale Street Landing Phase 2 begins

John Branston writes in the Memphis Flyer:
Construction started this week on Beale Street Landing, the $30 million boat landing at the north end of Tom Lee Park.

Workers were moving building materials and a large crane on to the site. The project is scheduled for completion in 2010. It will cover a total of six acres and add four acres to Tom Lee Park by building a dam in the river and filling in behind it. A small wetlands area at the tip of the park will be eliminated.

Here are some photos I took yesterday.

Virtually all of the area to be occupied by Beale Street Landing - except the parking lot - has now been fenced off. Equipment and materials have been moved in. Looking north and south:

The goal of this phase is to drive a steel wall into the riverbed and fill in behind it with new land, replacing the trees and wetland. The wall will be created with long steel piles that have already been trucked in and stacked in upper Tom Lee Park. Here is a closeup photo of the piles:

Each girder-like "U"-piece is actually two "S"-pieces linked together. Along one edge is a groove. The other edge has a lip that fits into the groove and locks tightly when the pieces are turned. Likewise, the U-pieces are linked together to form a rippled wall. The piles are (I'd guess) close to 60 feet long:

This portion of Tom Lee Park has yet to be claimed by the proposed parking lot:

A section of fencing marks BSL's extension into the historic Cobblestones area:

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