Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fells Point panoramas

Here is a series of panoramic photos I shot last week near the center of historic Fells Point, Baltimore. (Click each photo to enlarge)

Thames Street, at the corner of S. Wolfe, facing northwest.

Above is a good view of the historic City Recreation Pier, which was used as the set for the police station in the 1990s TV series Homicide: Life of the Street. At one time, it was the landing point for thousands of immigrants. It is now a parking garage, but there has been talk of making it into a hotel.

Looking west on Thames Street, the main drag, with the Recreation Pier's entrance (Homicide set) visible on the left.

These water taxis will whisk you from historic Fells Point over to the modern, more touristy Inner Harbor. In the background (right) of the photo you can see the home of Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

A closeup of "Annie's house" (the narrow one between the restaurant and the red building). If you want to check for yourself, watch for it immediately following the opening credits.

Looking north across Thames Street toward S. Broadway, with a little bit of Fells Point Square visible at the left.

In the photo above, looking south toward the harbor, you're seeing only half of Fells Point Square. (The other half is behind you.)

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

The next three panorama photos were taken at Baltimore's Inner Harbor, which is about a mile from Fells Point.

The angular modern buildings on the left are Baltimore's Aquarium.

Two of the ships permanently moored at the Inner Harbor. On the right you can see the bow of the USS Constellation, which was actually built at the shipyard in Fells Point. On the left a more modern vessel, the HMAS Ballarat a frigate in the Royal Australian Navy. At the far left, a sightseeing cruiser.

The visitor's center for the USS Constellation (left).

Federal Hill

The next two pictures are of a cobblestoned residential street in historic Federal Hill neighborhood across the harbor.

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