Sunday, August 16, 2009

The "islands"

Whether you think they look like urban art, giant bustiers, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or a championship skate park, those "pods" or "islands" are going to be the most prominent feature of the still-under-construction Beale Street Landing. They are also being paid for by you, with up to $20 million of your city taxes. (The red boat dock was mostly financed with $10.9 million of State and Federal grants.)

Birds-eye view of main and second pods, at Riverside and Beale. A game of Putt-Putt golf, anyone?

Main pod is above and behind your left shoulder. You're looking south. Do you see any security risks?

Near the top of the helical ramp, looking north. Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

The helical ramp, as if seen from a big riverboat. Does the word "cheesy" come to mind?

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