Saturday, October 3, 2009

Short and sweet: The real purpose of MILUP

Below is the short-and-sweet version of my explanation of why the Mud Island Land Use Plan (MILUP) is bound to disappoint many of its public participants. (The long version is here.)

  • The RDC has a contract with the City to be the exclusive developer for the riverfront, including Mud Island River Park.

  • The basis for this contract is the 2002 Cooper Robertson Riverfront Master plan.

  • The land bridge (and lake) in that plan turned out to be very bad ideas.

  • The land bridge was quietly taken out in 2005.

  • That effectively gutted the plan, making it obsolete and irrelevant.

  • If we admitted it and just threw plan away, we’d be admitting the RDC itself is obsolete and irrelevant.

  • (Not to mention incompetent, for proposing the land bridge in the first place.)

  • Jobs must be saved. Reputations must be preserved.

  • The RDC must come up with a new master plan before contract renewal.

  • The Mud Island Land Use Plan (MILUP) will arrive in time to save their contract.

  • To be credible, MILUP must involve the public in a “process” of some kind.

  • To avoid tying RDC's hands, MILUP can’t be too specific.

  • To be legally sufficient, MILUP need be little more than a zoning map.

  • When the public finds out they are getting little more than a zoning map, they will feel like they have been used.

  • They have been.

  • You won't be getting a skatepark, but maybe your children will.

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