Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Action News 5: Beale Street blunder?

The video of Jason Miles' story on Action News 5 Wednesday night about Beale Street Landing's funding problems:

(If the above player doesn't work, here's a link to try. And here's the link to the text version.)

Note: At one point in the video, Lendermon said:
"Two million dollars, frankly, is what we're looking for to keep this project going and not slow down any construction."

While technically true, it may give you the mistaken impression that the shortfall is only $2 million. The whole truth is that RDC plans to come back at budget time in May and ask for an additional $7 million.

Worse, if this $2 million allows them to restart the project, they can proceed with Phase III and possibly Phase IV, plowing tens of millions of dollars more into the project and making it far more difficult for Mayor Wharton to reconsider.

Therefore, this $2 million might not seem like very much, but it's probably the last chance for Memphians to retake control over their own riverfront. Click here to read ten good reasons to vote against the funding -- putting a hold on the project until Mayor Wharton can give due consideration to all reasonable alternatives.

I've written about one alternative at this link.

Please email your City Council members.

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